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Solid Deconstruction (by Ryan Jaddoe)

Walls are built in response to the pain inflicted to a person. That which may seem hard to do at first, becomes inevitable in the end. We may like or dislike it, but in order to survive we need to let our guard down. This method, though applicable to every individual, is drastically different for each and every one. Some of us feel the need to let it all down at once, others construct and deconstruct. I have tried both methods, but the second one has always worked for me. After going through the same process for years, it never seems to become much easier. It is true that you grow into the habit. Nonetheless I always need a moment to get used to the feeling. The trick is knowing where and when to deconstruct. And in this case wisdom does come with age. At the moment I am busy rebuilding. I let it all down at once last time. Let me tell you, it was horrible. Honestly it drained all my energy. I felt weak and suffered from extreme fatigue. But I am glad to have had that experience. This definitely was a huge learning moment for me. And I got to know myself in a very new way. Yet I am unquestionably done with feeling like that. It feels amazing climbing back on top of my game. It is good to be back. more on www.ryanjaddoe.com

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Lucifer’s Fury (by Ryan Jaddoe)

"I have been ignited, while covered in gasoline. Yet it took more than just a spark to burn. I told everybody to watch their steps. Risen from the ashes I have, reborn like a phoenix. They did not have the power to hold me back. Whether they purposely tried or not. Failure was their only option. Crashing and burning was a daily thing. And even though the light of the tunnel never became visible, I knew that eventually I would always rise. "Come and get me" I spoke in a soft tone. They should have known I would push back. All of them said I had fallen, ignorant to the fact that I was capable of standing up. Emotions were poured into a mould, together with all the cold dark bitterness inside of me. "Hell shall freeze over before I lie down" I promised." That was a promise I planned on keeping. You heard it right, I am back. Keep your eyes open, ears spread and your skin covered. Although I do not stab you in the back, I definitely do assassinate. more on www.ryanjaddoe.com!

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